The Urban View, a group of varied radio show panelist who hit the

national and international airwaves with a wide range of topics

that affect our everyday lives across the world in Urban and even

Suburban areas.  Thank you for tuning in.....


The Urban View's sole purpose is to cultivate dialogue between urban communities across the world.......


Ce’ Vonn~

The UV's "Comedic Sensation"

Ce’ Vonn is an actress, inspirational speaker, and muse.  She is a participant and supporter of the performing arts.  A love for acting was affirmed by her first childhood performance in the play, “Four Feathers West” (Priscilla).  This ignited the spark that is now a flame.


Ms. Vonn holds a degree from Western Kentucky University.  She enjoys working in front and behind the camera from idea to completion.  She has worked in film and television in Europe and the United States in theatre, print, and commercials.  She played leading roles as Lorraine Hansberry in “To Be Young Gifted and Black”, the feisty Fonsia in the “Gin Game”, the mental Carmen and over-exuberant Dr. Peters in J.C. Hunter Entertainment’s “Speak To Me Lord.


Ms. Vonn has lived in the United States from east (New York) to West (California) and the middle (Kansas and Texas) and Europe for 8 years.  Her travels have been well spent learning and meeting people of various cultures and socio-economic backgrounds.  These life experiences garnered insight that may answer the whys of an individual’s actions.


My mind is Kingdom focused and I am always in the mode to learn, grow, and increase for this cause.  I live a life joyful in all things.



T.G. Monroy~

The UV's "Intellectual Property"

T.G. Monroy is a full time seminary student at the Interdenominational Theological Center located in the historical AU Center of Atlanta, GA.  She is the proud mom of an exceptional son 8 years old and a husband of 10 years known as Honey.  T.G. has groomed a solid real estate career over the years acting as broker/owner of Tracy Monroy & Associates Realty.  Her background in public speaking and teaching has afforded opportunities to teach conflict management in Africa and form community service oriented relationships in Guatemala and throughout the United States.  One of T.G.’s passions is providing resources for the homeless community while educating about disparity awareness through


The House of Esteem, Inc., a Georgia Non-Profit Corporation.  While educated formally in Leadership and Business Administration graduating from Beulah Heights University, Atlanta, Mrs. Monroy has an interest in economic development and public policy.  While her journey through seminary displays a direct interest in divinity, it has also opened doors to pursue a graduate degree in Public Policy understanding that the people live in peace when the righteous rules.


T.G. Monroy has a zest for life and is highly free-spirited.  She spends a great deal of time lending her voice and influence to worthy causes becoming a voice for the voiceless and a face for the faceless.  Traveling domestically and internationally have always been of strong interest to T.G. since leaving the United States for the first time at the impressionable age of 13 years old to tour Europe with her mom;  from early on, she knew the world was bigger than her home city of Charleston, SC.



The UV's "Avid Activist"

Phoenix was born November 3, 1983 in Miami, Florida. The then family moved to Atlanta, GA in 1999.  At the tender age of 17 she started advocating for a non-profit and has continued the journey of activism even to this very day. She also began her political career around the same time, working on various political campaigns to build her skills in the community organizing sector.
She attended
Grambling State then transferred to North Carolina A&T State University
majoring in Mass Communication concentrating in Public Relations. When she moved back home from school she immediately started to work for Serendipity Media Group LLC. This is where her skills were refined and brought to the forefront.  With 6 years of activism under her belt, from organizing unions to advocating for human rights and 4 years of media work she still find time to cultivate her passion in the entertainment world.
Phoenix began acting in 2007 with a stage play comedy group, Atlanta ShowTime Productions. This was her first "real" acting gig. Phoenix has always had a niche for entertainment and activism and is so graciously living out her dreams today with The Urban View Show.

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